BankID is a Swedish company that provides authentication and digital signing services to Scandinavian users. According to their website:

BankID is a citizen identification solution that allows companies, banks and governments agencies to authenticate and conclude agreements with individuals over the Internet.

What can you do with BankID as a business owner?

If you are worried about the identity of your customers and you want to make sure you are dealing with real people then you might have thought about some sort of id verification method already. BankID is pretty good in this case if your end-users are either from Scandinavia. BankID uses banks to verify identity of its users, in addition to authentication service it also provides digital contract signing services. BankID allows you to integrate these services into your business which can be a website.

Need to integrate BankID to your business

If you have a website that runs on WordPress, our bankID plugin can help you out, we can also tweak it to fit your needs if you want.

  • BankID Authentication
  • BankID Sign
  • Ability to sign files
  • Available languages: English, Swedish

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