In WooCommerce if you want to add specification table you need to go through a lot of steps, create attributes, choose attributes one by one, enter a value for each attribute and it’s gonna take you a lot of time to do that, let’s say you have a store that sells digital goods (e.g: mobile phones) you need to have a lot of information about your products such as information about display, hardware, software, batter, … if you wish to create such specification tables for your products with Woocommerce default attributes its gonna take a lot of time, we fixed this issue with our Product Specifications table for Woocommerce plugin. You can add tables like below image with this plugin:

Creating specification table for products in woocommerce

Create Specification table for products in Woocommerce

With this plugin all you need to do is to define some attributes and attribute-groups to have a table for a specific type of product (for example for mobile phone) and once you do that, each time you want to add a product to your store, just choose the table you created earlier and fill in information about your product, see below images:

Woocommerce product specifications plugin admin panel
Entering information about your products
Filling product specifications in woocommerce

Features of Product Specifications for Woocommerce plugin

Currently this plugin comes with a couple of features that highly reduces the time of filling out information about your product to create specification tables:

  • Ability of grouping attributes
  • Ability of creating predefined specification tables and loading the entire table attributes at once in adding product page of woocmmerce
  • Very light weight plugin
  • Default CSS Styles and ability to disable them and styling tables yourself
  • Automatically adds created tables tab to your woocommerce product page
  • Ability to keep or disable Woocommerce default attributes table

How to install Product specifications for woocommerce?

Go to your WordPress admin panel and under Plugins menu click add plugin, then search for “Product Specifications for Woocommerce” and install the plugin, you can also download the plugin from Plugins directory