Works I've done recently


CCGOL is a Flower delivery platform built on top of wordpress and woocommerce and boosted with react and tailwindcss on its front-end, CCGOL is a highly customized wordpress site that at first glance you may not notice that it is built with wordpress Woocommerce, cart page, purchase process, user panel, address management, delivery time picker and everything else on this site is customly developed



Hairowash is a online carwash service operating in middle east which allows customers to search for nearby carwashes and book online or ask for in-place carwash so they can get their car washed on their door



A very simple React library that helps you create Bare accordion components and style it on your own, It's a simple library without any dependencies


Woocommerce Product Specifications plugin

Product Specifications is a wordpress/woocommerce plugin that allows shop managers easily create pre-defined specification tables for their products and fill them up quickly when they are creating or editing a product


Rixma website

Rixma © is a digital employment service where clients and employees are matched based on needs, requirements and skills - in a matter of seconds. All contractors are verified and quality assured by Rixma. Efficient, modern and profitable staffing, for all parties!

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Mobared Sanat is a company that builds aluminium tubes and no-frust operators, the website is built on top of WordPress and is available in english and persian languages



Pezeshkline is a online medical consulting platform built on nodejs in the backend and nextjs, react and websockets in the frontend, It provides a live chat with the doctor for patients seeking for medical constultant



Farsroid is a very popular android apps and games center in iran, The website is built on top of wordpress, highly customized and tweaked for a smooth performance and experience since it has more than 6 million monthly visitors and handling thousands of concurrent users was a challange in this project

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